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Fitness Road Bike Rentals Banff

Fitness Bicycle Rentals BanffGiant Escape 1:

This fitness bike is road ready. With its flat bars it’s perfect for the leisurely road ride. Try the new Legacy Trail to Canmore, visit Lake Minnewanka or, for the more adventurous, why not take it for a week and cycle to Jasper and back?



Rental Rates:

1 hour Full Day Overnight 2 Days 3 days
$12 $42 $60 $84 $120
4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days Extra Days
$156 $192 $228 $247 $19

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Please note: After the first hour, charges are based on 15 minute intervals up to 3.5 hours. Anything over 3.5 hours is the ‘Full Day’ rate. The ‘Full Day’ rate is a rental period over 3.5 hours and returned by close of the same day. ‘Overnight’ rate is based on anything returned by 12pm the following day.